• GECPKD Data Centre providing following services such as Campus  Networking and Management ,Management of Digital Library Server , Management of Language Lab Server,Managemenet of local Web Server ,Management of DHCP and DNS servers , Management and maintenance of Campus WIFI Network , IP-PBX Controller Installation and Management  For IP Phone conectivity throughout in Campus ,Design, coding and updation of  college website and also college Intranet website (www.gecpkd.edu).Datacentre is a rendezvous place for Centralised distribution and servicing of digital data and Software .

    Internal view of Data Center

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    Campus networking

    Data Centre is maintaining and managing the Campus networking and Internet connectivity of the College. College campus is fully networked with OFC backbone and both wired and wireless connectivity. 100 Mbps bandwidth NKN (National Knowledge Network) internet connectivity is available with a backup support of 10 Mbps NMEICT connection.It offers services of secure data communication through the implementation of Firewall and hosting and managemnet of AAA server such as LDAP and Radius servers.The avilable two ISP’s Connection are configured as Failover and Load balencing concept.

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    College WiFi (‘GECPKDWIFI‘) is available in the whole campus and ladies hostel.The access to college Wifi restricted to registered users and registered device only. The one who wants to avail the WiFi facility, has submit an application in the prescribed format and the personally bring the device to register at DataCenter.Usage of college Wifi in an unregistered device by spoofing/tethering will be treated as violation of this policy.Even if the access id is different, the registered Wifi user is the sole responsible person for all the communications originated from the registered device

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    Internet Usage Policy

    1, Do respect the rule “That which is not expressively permitted is prohibited”. 2, Do use the internet only for academic related matter 3, Do check the information you access is accurate, complete and current. 4, Do respect the legal protections to data and software provided by copyright and licenses. 5, Do inform the Data Center in case of any unusual occurrence. 6, Do contact the Data Centerin case of any Internet related problems. 7, Do clean the browser history and cache periodically.

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    Data Center Staff Charges

    SUMESH E ( Computer Programmer IT)

    Data Centre Co-ordinator

    SIJO S VADAKKAN ( Computer Programmer CS)

    Assistant Co-ordinator

    SHARAFUDEEN A ( Computer Programmer EC)

    Assistant Co-ordinator
    SURESH KUMAR K C ( Computer Programmer CS (Adhoc) ) Assistant Co-ordinator