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Collaborative Research and Learning (CoRAL)

Kerala, renowned for its progressive stance in social welfare and quality of life, has recently intensified its focus on enhancing its higher education sector, particularly in research. With a notable allocation of funds in the latest budget, the state government underscores its commitment to enriching research and learning within higher education institutions. The aim? To address the evident gap between academic research and societal challenges, necessitating intelligent, sustainable, and eco-friendly technological solutions.

Across Kerala, numerous centrally and state-funded research institutes are distributed across districts, complemented by small and medium-scale industries. However, these entities often operate as distinct verticals, with minimal interaction between academia and other stakeholders. Enter CoRAL, envisioned as a pivotal link fostering collaboration between research institutes, industries, local self-government bodies, and government missions, on one side, and academic institutions on the other.

CoRAL's establishment heralds an era of seamless interaction, facilitating swift and effective solutions to societal issues through research-driven innovation. By bridging the gap and encouraging meaningful collaboration, CoRAL holds the potential to propel researchers towards their objectives of making tangible impacts on society. With its role in facilitating partnerships and catalyzing innovation, CoRAL emerges as a key player in Kerala's journey towards intelligent, sustainable, and environmentally friendly technological advancements.

CoRAL Report 2022-23

Project Reports
  1. Installation of Solar Panels at Kurukkan Kundu Ooru Attappadi Tribal Village, Palakkad [2024-25]   View Report


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