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Grievance Cell

Provide a definite grievance redressal mechanism by :

  1. 1. Responding to grievances raised by students, faculty and staff by acknowledging the complaint.
  2. 2. By transferring the complaint to the concerned individual/section and obtaining the initial response.
  3. 3. If the response is not satisfactory, seeking proactive steps from the higher authorities.
  4. 4. Over all act as a conciliatory mechanism to solve genuine issues. Please Froward your grievance to grievance_cell@gecskp.ac.in

Name of the Committee Member Profession Mobile Number E-mail address Fax No.
Anjana K R Professor 9746475534 anjana2407@gmail.com 4662260565
Kavya Manohar Assistant Professor 9497265460 sakhi.kavya@gmail.com 4662260565
Stella Kurian Assistant Professor 9497157748 stellakurian31@gmail.com 4662260565
Akhila E. Assistant Professor 9847788306 akhila013e@gmail.com 4662260565
Ajithmon Anto Assistant Professor 9961814791 anto.ajithmon@gmail.com 4662260565