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Research and Development

Funded Projects

Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD)

Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD) of Kerala Technological University (KTU) has provided a platform for faculty and students of the affiliated Engineering Colleges in the State to pursue their interest in applied research. Various schemes are implemented by the University to motivate, mentor and support Researchers. Necessary assistance is being provided to carryout research and translate innovative ideas to prototypes. The Centre acts as a catalyst to create an environment conducive to research and helps to enhance the research culture in the institutions.

CERD – College level unit

Centre for Engineering Research and Development is established by the Government of Kerala for the purpose of promoting engineering research. CERD unit and innovation centre offer funding for deserving student projects and for faculty. Good industry institute interaction and thereby exposure to the students are ensured from CERD funding. CERD is being coordinated by Mr. Vishnuprasad K from September 2021, was coordinated by Dr.K P Mohahan from June 2019, Mr. Job Chunkath from 2018 June onwards and was coordinated by Gopi C up to May 2018. Following are the activities carried out under the CERD cell of the institutes
  1. Supported student projects with potential to develop into products.
  2. Has improved networking with subunits such as Entrepreneurship Development Club (EDC), Technology Business Incubation(TBI), Industry Institution Interaction Cell (IIIC) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). This has helped students to participate in competitions such as the C-DAC grid computing Challenge and win prize
  3. Students are confident enough to conduct programs such as ASAP and INSPIRE to acquire skills and content beyond the syllabus.
  4. The project of setting up an Innovation Centre, named PRAGATI, under CERD is nearing completion at a cost of Rs. 10.0 lakhs (Principal Investigator: Dr P.C. Reghu Raj/Gopi C)
  5. A Centre of Excellence in Advanced Computing is being set up in the institution with the assistance from CERD, Trivandrum. Rs.20.0 lakhshas been received for this project, and C. Naseer, Asst. Professor (CSE) is the Principal Investigator of this project.
  6. Extends support for Faculty/Student research publications and Journal publication
  7. Extended logistic support for the face-to-face meet with successful innovators conducted by the EDC and IEEE, which included interactions with Innovators and Entrepreneurs.
  8. Extended support for participation in the National conferences (NATCON) organized by CERD. A project titled LED-based solar simulator from the UG students won a consolation prize in the Project Competition section. Paper and poster was presented by PG student K.Nibeesh.
  9. Organized various seminars and projects for the benefit of students.

Student Projects Funded during 2020 – 2021 Academic Year

Sl.No Name of Principal Investigator Branch Project Title Sanctioned Amount (Rs.)
1 SajithaM, Assistant Professor EEE Smart Energy Meter with remote load switching And anti energy theft system. 10,000

Student Projects Funded during 2019 – 2020 Academic Year

Sl.No Name of Principal Investigator Branch Project Title Sanctioned Amount (Rs.)
1 ShibilyJoseph,Associate Professor, Prof.Anuraj N (Co investigator) CSE VARUNA (AI-ROBOT) a.k.a Autonomous Marine debris detection and collection robot 38,500
2 Anwar Hussain M, Associate Professor ECE ROVIZ the service robot 31,000
3 Vijeesh V.Assistant Professor ECE 24 * 7 electric scooter service 29,000
4 R. Jayadevan,Assistant Professor ECE Automatic e-ticketing system 18,000
4 Dr. Vinita Chellappan, Associate Professor, Muhammedali Shafeeque K (Co-Investigator) EEE Optimal path planning for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) 47,000

Activates during the 2019-2020

  • Travel assistance (Rs. 20,000) to Rohit.K (S1 ECE) attend IEEE conference at Stanford university Thailand.
  • Financial Assistance (Rs.25,000) to Prof.Anisha.A, Civil engineering dept. for the project low cost incinerator. The project was completed in January 2022.
Principal Dr.P C Reghuraj with students on the completion of CERD funded project Low Cost Incinerator

TEQIP Funded Projects

Following are the students’ project approved for availing the research seed money under TEQIP-II during 2021-22
Sl No Project Title Principal Investigator Estimate Amount(Rs.)
1 Automatic temperature and mask scan entry at workplace Vishnuprasad K, AP/ECE 8,500
2 ELECTA - The automated polling process management system Dr.Anitha R, AP/ECE 7,550
3 Automated Aeroponic System Vidhun M, AP/EEE 20,000
4 Smart segregation of wastes and bin monitoring system Dr.Bindu P, HoD/ECE 12,150
5 Tele robotics for miniature crafting Dr.R Jayadevan, AP/ECE 16,820
6 Smart parking management system Hariprasad B, AP/ECE 13,000
7 Braille glove Lincy K, AP/ECE 8,100
8 Multipurpose waste collection machine Dr. A. Selvakumar , Professor/ ME 17,740
9 DC motor interfacing using PIC microcontroller Abdul Kareem Puthiyaveetil, AP/EEE 29,000
10 Railway track surveillance using IoT-based autonomous robot Ebey S Raj, AP/IT 12,620
11 IoT based smart waste management system Ebey S Raj, AP/IT 12,870

Young Innovator Program (YIP) attended by Abhijith A (B.Tech ECE 2016-20) with Chief Minister Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan at Trivandrum


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