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Research and Development



  1. Dr. A R Jayan granted US Patent on “Method and System for Consonant-Vowel Ratio modification for improving speech perception” Patent no. US 10176824B2 dated January 8, 2019
  2. Dr. Anitha R granted Australian Patent for “Inertial Measurement Unit for Wearable Continuous Human Motion Information System”, Australian Patent, No. 2020102947 dated 13-01-2021
  3. Mr. Muhammedali Shafeeque K., Assistant Professor, EEE Dept has filed an Indian patent for his work on “A novel design for a rotary generator using triboelectric effect” (Application no. 202041037140 Dated 28/08/2020)
  4. Dr. Remesh Babu K.R. filed patent on "Portable Public Surveillance Device with an AI Driven Face Recognition Computational Module for Large Scale Community Policing" (The Patent Office Journal No. 41/2020 Dated 09/10/2020)
  5. Dr. Remesh Babu K R, Dr. Sangeetha U, Dr. A Selvakumar filed a patent on “A Real Time Automatic Intelligent System And Method For Wild Animal Monitoring And Counting Device Based On A Deep Convolutional Neural Network”. (Application no. 202241013392 Dated 11/03/2022)


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