The central library of the college is attached with the main building of the college, which satisfy the information needs of the college community. It also caters the needs of students regarding career guidance and personality development. The floor area of the library is 578 sq.metre. Central library is automated. The total collection is 17151 books. All books are classified and catalogued according to international standards. It follows the open accesses system.It is open to all students, faculty and other staff members of the college from 9.30AM to 4.30PM. ASME, ScienceDirect, IET Library and Pearson Books are subscribed at Central Library.The other Journals are

    Sl.No Name of Journal Sl.No
    Name of Journal
    1 Journal Of Scientific and Industrial Research 13
      ICTACT journal of soft computing.
    2 Indian journal of Chemistry Section A 14
      ICTACT journal of image and video  processing
    3 Indian journal of Chemistry Section B 15
      ICTACT journal of micro electronics.
    4 Indian journal of Pure and Applied Physics 16
      Current science.
    5 Indian journal of Engineering and Material Science 17
    6 Journal of Intellectual Property Rights 18
      Down to earth
    7 Indian journal of Traditional Knowledge 19
      Yoga quest
    8 Journal of Scientific Temper 20
      • Bulletin of material science.
    9 Annals of Library &Information Studies 21
    10 Indian Science Abstracts 22
      Proceedings-mathematical science
      Science Reporter
      ICTACT  journal of communication technology

    Sections of the library

    Circulation section, Stalk area, Book Bank, Periodical Section, and Digital section, OPAC are the major sections of the central Library.

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    Loan privileges

    Two books for B Tech students (three for final years).
    Five books for MTech students.
    Faculty can borrow ten books.
    The users can keep the books for a period two weeks and can renew twice.
    The theses and project collection of the library is open for reference.
    The CD-ROM Collection contains 512 CD-ROMs.
    70-80 books are borrowed per day and 100 users visit the library on working days

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    The library provide periodicals and journals for reference.

    It has a good collection of back volumes of journals on all core areas.

    302 e-journals are subscribed in 2016-17.

    The library is subscribing popular magazines news papers.

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    The following are the main services of the college library
    Book issue
    Reference service
    Photocopy service
    Internet service
    Newspaper clipping service.