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KTU Examination June-July 2020

War Room Contacts

Dr. P C Reghuraj
Phone : 94473 15446
Dr. S S Suneesh
Professor and HoD (ME)
Phone : 94959 02548
Dr. Reena Murali
Professor and HoD (CSE)
Phone : 97442 23115
Dr. Remeshbabu K R
Associate Professor and HoD (IT)
Phone : 94007 82546
Dr. Mohanan K P
Associate Professor and HoD (ECE)
Phone : 94476 71828
Prof. Jose Sebastian T K
Associate Professor and HoD (EEE)
Phone : 94003 01915
Prof. Binu R
ACS( Examinations)
Phone : 90610 64225
Dr. Madhusoodhanan
Asst. Professor (ME)
Phone : 90615 37066
Prof. R. Jayadevan
KTU Coordinator
Phone: 95444 88140
Dr. Dhanya
Medical Officer, PHC Sreekrishnapuram
Phone: 97272 25432
Sri. Shaju Sankar
President, Sreekrishnapuram Gramapanchayath
Phone: 99611 02512
Sri. Bineesh
SHO, Sreekrishnapuram police Station
Phone: 9497941923
Sri. Manoj C.
Senior Fire & Rescue officer, Mannarkkad Fire Station
Phone: 94477 43811
Sri. Rajesh R.
Senior Spdt. GEC
Phone: 94460 38486
Sri. Sathyanath V.
Trade Instructor
Phone: 96338 19294
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Exam DefinitionStudents listSeating Arrangements
S7 (Hons) Dec 2017S7 (Hons) List 26/06/2020 Forenoon
S8 (Hons) May 2020S8 (Hons) List Not Published
S8 (R,S) May 2020S8 (Regular/Supply) List Not Published


  1. Students should read instructions issued by APJ Abdul Kalam University with regard to S8 examinations thoroughly and adhere to them.
  2. Entry to the college campus is restricted. Only students writing the exams and Faculty/staff members of the college are allowed to enter the campus.
  3. All the students must enter the college only through the main gates and they should go through the thermal Screening Counters at the college main lobby.
  4. Students should strictly maintain social distancing while waiting for thermal screening at the main lobby.
  5. Students coming from Quarantine/Containment zone/Other states/with minor flu like symptoms should inform the office through mail at least two days before the commencement of the exams.
  6. Students are requested to keep a diary with record of their movement history on examination days.
  7. Students should carry their identity proof and a photocopy of it, for each examination.
  8. All students should wear good quality masks.
  9. All students should do hand sanitizing wherever necessary.
  10. Social distance must be maintained in the college campus at all times. Any gathering inside the campus will be treated as a law and order issue and will be intimated immediately to the law enforcement authority.
  11. Students are directed to carry only the essential items for writing the exams. Carry bags and other luggage are not encouraged. Students should bring drinking water if required.
  12. For the exams in the afternoon session, students will be allowed to enter the campus after 1.00 pm only.
  13. After the exams, all the students are strictly instructed to leave the campus immediately through the main lobby, keeping the necessary social distancing.