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    To achieve excellent standards in IT education by keeping abreast of innovations in Information Technology.

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    i) To nurture and develop students as competent IT professionals capable of undertaking challenging and innovative programmes.
    ii) To foster self disciplined and socially committed entrepreneurs.


    Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    1. To provide students with strong foundation in mathematics, science and basic engineering concepts to solve engineering problems.
    2. To impart in-depth knowledge in core subjects to make them efficient in providing workable solutions to problems in various areas of IT.
    3. To instill in students team work, leadership and communication skills by exposing them to multidisciplinary projects and diverse professional environments.
    4. To prepare students to excel in IT professional careers and/or to pursue higher studies applying their technical knowledge and creative skills.
    5. To make our students technically and ethically strong to relate engineering issues to the society, global economy and to emerging technologies.
    The Department has well Equipped Laboratories, all networked and with internet facility. There are more than 150 computers .They include XEON Server class machine Dell Power Edge R720 with SAN storage of 8TB. The rest are client machines. As part of encouraging use of FOSS, the machines are running on Ubuntu Software. LAPTOPs are issued to students on demand to be used in the labs for doing their project works. The laboratory facility is open to the students during working hours of the institution. The department has its own Seminar Hall and Library facility.


    The Department offers the following courses:

    The Department offers B.Tech in Information Technology (4 year, full time).
    Affiliated to the University of Calicut (intake: 63 plus 6 as Lateral entry in the third semester).