Electronics and Communication Engineering

TEQIP II sponsored IIIC workshop on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence organized by ECE Department and held on February 6 and 7 2020.
Mr. Rohit K (2019 ECE) receiving National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement (Innovation )

Anjana B CGPA 10/10 receiving memento from DTE Dr KP Indiradevi

Winners Interzone Volleyball
Induction Programme for first year students (2019-20)
Achu Wilson taking class on Robotics

Department Laboratories

Computer Lab Lab

Advanced Communication Lab

Project Lab

Digital Lab

Communication Systems Lab

Circuits Lab


"To mould the youth as excellent engineers in Electronics and Communication for the betterment of the society"


  • To impart theoretical foundations in Electronics & Communication engineering and instill practical expertise in the related domains and modern tool usage
  • To inculcate professional and ethical responsibility for teamwork
  • To enhance communication skills