To mould the youth as excellent engineers in Electronics and Communication for the betterment of the society


    ● To impart theoretical foundations in Electronics and Communication and instill practical expertise in the related domains and modern tool usage.
    ● To develop the ability to work together with professional and ethical responsibility, with effective communication skills.

  • Head Of The Department


    Email : arjayan71@gmail.com

    Mobile: 8129418002

  • The Department offers the following courses:

    The Department offers B.Tech course in Electronics and communication Engineering..
    Intake is 60 + 6 lateral entires per year.

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  • Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Within a short span of time after graduation, the graduates shall:

    PEO1. In-depth knowledge in Science, Mathematics and Electronics and Communication Engineering with necessary practical skills to solve real world technological problems

    PEO2. Effective communication and teamwork skills, professionalism and ethical values for a successful career and social life

    PEO3. The ability to use latest software/hardware tools, technologies and processes to meet the challenging demands for industry/entrepreneurship

  • Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PSO1:- Exposure to Advanced Technologies & Methods: Work with the state of the art tools & technologies related to Electronics and Communication and to build relevant technical documents of their work

  • PSO2:- Industry Oriented Skills: Demonstrate professionalism and work ethics coupled with strong technical skills making him/her industry ready or to undertake entrepreneurship or research work