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    To mould the youth as promising excellent engineers in Electronics & Communication.

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    To provide a strong base in the theoretical and practical aspects of Electronics & Communication with in-depth knowledge in Mathematics and Science. To build up effective communication skills and develop ability to work together with professional and ethical responsibility.

    Program Specific Outcome(PSO)

    1.A strong base in the theoretical aspects of Electronics and Communication Engineering , along with a thorough the mathematical background needed.
    2.Acquaintance with the basic standard equipment, devices and systems related to Electronics and Communication Engineering. Know-how to design and implement and troubleshoot basic circuits in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and to apply the same in developing new systems.
    3.Idea and basic knowledge about the interdisciplinary areas related to Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    4.Idea of the present industry and academic level and future requirements and knowledge and technical skill for doing higher studies and research work to fill the gaps.
    5.Working Knowledge in the software tools related to Electronics and Communication Engineering and also that for technical writing.

    Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    1.To provide in-depth knowledge in basic science and mathematics so as to enable the students to understand the engineering subjects.
    2.To build effective communication skills and teamwork skills and inculcate professional and ethical attitude so as to develop competencies for successful career and society life.
    3.To provide the student with an in-depth knowledge in the field of electronics so that they can effectively solve real world problems as well as research problems.
    4.To impart the students with the technical skill that will enable them independently or collectively do the project works that require the application of the theory they have studied.
    5. To provide the student with an excellent academic environment that will impart leadership qualities and the learning needed for a successful professional career.

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    The Department offers the following courses:

    The Department offers B.Tech course in Electronics and communication Engineering..
    Intake is 66 per year [Plus 6 lateral entires].